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Initiatiors of the Statement in support of the Global cease fire met with UNSG Guterres

Slovenia is among the initiators of Statement in support of the UN Secretary-General Guterres’ appeal for the Global Ceasefire. The SG issued this call at the end of March to stop the hostilities around the world in order to more effectively fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Slovenia firmly believes that the only option to settle disputes is always a peaceful one. We have many tools and practices which could be used. Peace should always be given a chance. The alternative is just too horrible.

 The UN Security Council adopted the resolution 2532 on COVID-19 pandemic and international security in which it demands general and immediate cessation of hostilities in all situations on the UNSC agenda and supports the efforts undertaken by the Secretary-General. It also calls upon all parties to engage immediately in a durable humanitarian pause, so that humanitarian aid, of which millions of people depend, can be provided to them.

 The initiatiors of the Statement (Bangladesh, Ecuador, Egypt, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, Oman, Senegal, Slovenia, and Sweden) met today with the UN Secretary-General Guterres and have handed over the Statement that was endorsed by 172 member states.

 Slovenia hopes that all sides in all conflicts will take advantage of this time and engage fully and in good faith with the UN representatives and others and advance towards sustainable peace, which all affected desperately need.

At this occasion the initiators have issued this press release.