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Joint Ministerial Statement of the Green Group at the Climate Change Conference, Madrid, December 2019

Ten years ago six countries from different parts of the world – Cape Verde, Costa Rica, Iceland, Singapore, Slovenia and the United Arab Emirates – decided to come together and unite our efforts in the cause of promoting environmental issues in international relations.

Our hopes were raised by the Paris Agreement in 2015; however, the commitments that were made there were not followed up by sufficient action. Rapid global environmental degradation and the increasingly debilitating effects of climate change, coupled with high population growth, call for "coalitions of the like-minded and the willing" such as the Green Group to raise awareness, share their good practices and lead by example.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Green Group med during the general debate of the UN and decided to revitalize the work of the Group. You can read the statement at the COP25 that is concluding in Madrid right here.