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October 24 is the United Nations Day

Tomorrow, October 24, we commemorate United Nations Day. The UN was created on the ruins of World War II to prevent another horrific war. 

The United Nations is not a remote entity; it is a place for countries to work together and cooperate within an international organization, to address many global and more regional or even domestic issues.

Slovenia is a staunch supporter of the United Nations because it has become its member with the desire to be an equal partner in shaping the ideas and solutions for a better life on the only planet available to humanity, be it by providing security, assistance in development or respect for human rights.

The United Nations is here because and for the people, so it must  be present on the ground to warn of violations, to help build and maintain peace, to assist in the peaceful settlement of disputes, to deliver humanitarian aid.

When in doubt about the power and purpose of the UN, let us look at children who have received vaccinations, medical care and schooling by the United Nations. Let's look at the refugees who had to flee their own homes and were cared for by the United Nations. Let's take a look at the beautiful natural and cultural sites that are protected.

World needs a strong, independent and nimble organization, in which the countries will be able to discuss and solve numerous and ever more complex challenges and which will be able to implements its mission in its entirety.