Permanent representation of the RS to the UN /Priorities of the Republic of Slovenia at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly /

Slovenia strives to strengthen effective and rules-based multilateralism, with the UN at its
core, based on the inextricable link, and complementarity of, peace and security,
development, and human rights, and taking into consideration respect for international law
and the goals and principles enshrined in the UN Charter. On the occasion of the 75th
anniversary of the United Nations in 2020, Slovenia would like to reiterate its commitment to
the UN’s purposes and principles.

Slovenia will continue to support the UN’s efforts to maintain peace and security and prevent
conflicts, to promote the respect for and protection of human rights, and to ensure respect for
international law. Special attention will also be given to sustainable development, including
environmental protection and the transition to a circular economy.
Slovenia will pursue its priorities also in cooperation with other EU Member States. The
promotion of our common values is more effective if the EU stands united in its efforts to
make the world a more peaceful and better place.

Rule of law and strengthening of international legal system

Slovenia will continue to advocate respect for international law and the strengthening of the
international legal system as the surest guarantee of lasting peace, security and
development. In this context, it will stand for the achievement of the sustainable development
goal 16 related to peace, justice and strong institutions. We will also advocate, in all UN fora,
Slovenia's principled stance on respect for international treaties, respect for and
strengthening of the rule of law at the national and international levels, including mechanisms
for peaceful dispute resolution, and respect for the decisions of international courts and
international arbitration tribunals.

Slovenia will support efforts to end impunity for perpetrators of the most serious crimes, also
through the work of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and promotion of its universal
jurisdiction. We will continue to advocate enhanced and wider cooperation between the
International Criminal Court and the United Nations, particularly with the UN Security
Council. In this context, Slovenia will promote the effective implementation of the principle of
complementarity and, as a core group member, will continue the work on the initiative for the
adoption of a new Multilateral Treaty for Mutual Legal Assistance and Extradition for
Domestic Prosecution of the Most Serious International Crimes (the MLA Initiative). In
addition, we will participate in the Group of Friends of the Rule of Law.
Slovenia will engage in the discussion on the annual report of the International Law
Commission (ILC), in particular on the last report and the draft articles concerning crimes
against humanity.We will advocate consistent respect for international humanitarian law.

Human rights

Slovenia firmly supports the principles of universality, inalienability, indivisibility,
interdependence and inter-relatedness of human rights and will continue to promote a
comprehensive approach to all human rights, whether civil and political, economic, social and
cultural. Respect for and protection, promotion and fulfilment of all human rights for all,
regardless of any personal circumstances, remain top priorities for Slovenia.
Slovenia’s foreign policy priorities in the sphere of human rights include the empowerment of
women and girls, elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against women and
girls, enhancement and promotion of the human rights of older persons, advocating the rights
to a healthy living environment and to clean drinking water and sanitation, the rights of
children and their well-being, the rights of persons with disabilities, of LGBTI persons, the
rights of persons belonging to ethnic and other minorities, the fight against all forms of racism
and discrimination, abolition of the death penalty, business and human rights, and the
promotion and strengthening of human rights education. Slovenia attaches special
importance to enhancing the role of civil society and human rights defenders and pursues the
above-mentioned priorities within the entire UN system, advocating a human rights-based
approach. It is particularly active within the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly
and the UN Human Rights Council.

Within its priorities, Slovenia will continue to advocate gender equality and the empowerment
of women and girls, including by supporting the realization of the highest standard of
measures enabling women and girls to fully enjoy all human rights and equality in all spheres
of life. This will be especially important in the light of a series of imminent anniversaries
(including the 40th anniversary of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of
Discrimination against Women and the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and
Platform for Action). Slovenia will – including in the context of the 20th anniversary of the
adoption of the first United Nations Security Council Resolution on Women, Peace and
Security (Resolution 1325) – further strive to implement the Women, Peace and Security
Agenda and to eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against women.
Slovenia attaches great importance to enhancing the protection and realization of the rights
of older persons. In this context, we will strive for the strengthening of the international legal
framework for protecting their rights, the elimination of age-based discrimination and the
inclusion of older persons. We will pursue these goals also as a member of the United
Nations Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing and its Bureau.

Slovenia will continue to make every effort to strengthen the synergies between
environmental protection and the realization of human rights, particularly through advocating
the right to a healthy living environment.In the year of the 30th anniversary of the Convention
on the Rights of the Child, Slovenia will further direct attention to protecting and strengthening
the rights of the child, being particularly sensitive of violence against, and abuse of, children,
including in the light of the 20th anniversary of the optional protocols to the Convention on
the Rights of the Child regarding the involvement of children in armed conflicts and the sale
and sexual exploitation of children.

International peace and security and preventive diplomacy

The protection of civilians and the prevention of and better response to violations of human
rights and international humanitarian law will remain at the centre of Slovenia's endeavours
for peace and security around the world. Slovenia will advocate a comprehensive approach
to preventive action, bearing in mind that the rule of law, respect for human rights and
sustainable development – all of them important goals in their own right – are also strong
factors of stability. We will support the use of relevant policies and tools, including mediation
and responsibility to protect.

Slovenia will advocate women’s full and equal representation and participation at all levels of
peace processes and security efforts and promote the involvement of youth in seeking solutions
to conflicts and other security challenges.The country will honour its commitments, including
the commitment to prevent and eliminate all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse, and will 
continue advocating the victim-centred zero tolerance approach, as well as the highest ethical
 standards for all personnel wishing to take part in UN peace operations.

In this context, Slovenia supports the efforts to improve training for peacekeeping personnel.
Its newly established Centre for Education and Training for Participation in Peacekeeping
Operations and Missions will provide educational and training programmes tailored to the
specific needs on the ground. Slovenia will also strive to implement the renewed shared commitments,
such as the “Action for Peacekeeping” and the “Declaration of Shared Commitments on UN Peacekeeping
Operations” initiatives. We will continue to support the implementation of the Chemical
Weapons Convention and the newly established Investigation and Identification Team set up to investigate
the use of chemical weapons. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Treaty and its Tenth Review Conference, we will strive for a successful conclusion of the
conference and support the strengthening, universality and implementation of the Treaty.

Slovenia will support the implementation of the Convention on the Prohibition of AntiPersonnel
Mines (the Ottawa Convention), including through the work of ITF – Enhancing
Human Security. At the fourth review conference of the Ottawa Convention in November, we
will advocate the adoption of further measures to achieve a mine-free world. We will also
seek to implement other legal instruments related to non-proliferation, disarmament and
arms control over exports of strategic goods.
Slovenia will continue to call attention to water, peace and security, with emphasis on
protecting water infrastructure during armed conflicts and cross-border cooperation on water
management as one of the most efficient mechanisms for building trust and preventing

Sustainable Development

Slovenia will continue to support the accelerated implementation of the Paris Climate
Agreement, including in the framework of further activities following the Climate Summit in
September 2019. We will devote special attention to the sustainable use and management of
natural resources, particularly water, the promotion of a circular economy, and preservation
and protection of biodiversity (including in light of preparations for the Leaders' biodiversity
summit in September 2020). Furthermore, we will support bringing into spotlight the
interconnection between climate change, water and sustainable development goals. The
annual marking of World Bee Day and raising awareness of the importance of pollinators for
our ecosystem are also part of promoting biodiversity. And in the context of promoting green
diplomacy, Slovenia will encourage a revival of activities of the so-called Green Group.
In keeping with its Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Strategy, Slovenia will
make every effort to eliminate all forms of poverty and inequality, promote peaceful and
inclusive societies as well as good governance, while advocating equal opportunities and
gender equality. To promote the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable
Development, we will focus on building partnerships with a variety of development
stakeholders, particularly civil society, the private sector and international organisations.
Special attention will be given to eliminating the root causes of migration in developing
countries, particularly those related to climate change, security threats, and lack of decent
work and jobs. Since the adoption of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular
Migration in December 2018, Slovenia has supported the implementation of the compact and
participated in establishing the International Migration Review Forum.

Slovenia also attaches much importance to the artificial intelligence development and the
opportunities provided by advanced digital technologies, in particular in the context of
achieving sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda, and the impact of digital
transformation on the shaping of the future social order. In this regard Slovenia will advocate
a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence based on ethics and the protection of human
rights and fundamental freedoms.